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For 19 years IT IS has just one aim: To achieve the best for our customers.

We are your partner for intelligent business solutions in the areas of Open-Source ERP, Alfresco ECM, CRM, internet, production solutions and project managment. We are specialized in international implementation  and hosted systems management of business solutions. Our platform is based on well-chosen and modern software products we think are the best solutions in their sector. Still we enhance those with our multilingual software development team. With them we act worldwide, as you can see from our references
  Open-Source ERP, Alfresco ECM, CRM, internet, production solutions und project managment. Wir haben uns auf nationale und internationale implementation    und systems management   software products  odoo Munich, Alfresco Munich und Zimbra München unsere Leitmotive sind. Dennoch sind wir auch Germany tätig, wie unsere references zeigt.

We love to work with Software-Publishers. The main reason why we are not always on their partner program, for instance no odoo gold-partner spurs from the fact that we are more focussed on you as our client. We would like to satisfy your needs and provide the best solution to you - first. Forgive us if we focus more on this instead of selling you some partner licenses and maintenance contracts.

Benefit from well-structured consulting, a huge know-how and excellent methodology.

We focus your goals and improve your enterprise together with you.

Neben Gesamtlösungen für mittelständische Unternehmen stellen wir unseren Kunden ein umfangreiches Besides complete solutions for medium-sized enterprises we provide a wide range of branch and special solutions. We are characterized by well-structured open-source consulting and an excellent methodology of realizations with implementations close to the standard and modest customizations. 

Our range of services is completed by profound systems know-how due to operating an 960 server data center in our company. Thus we are one of the biggest odoo hoster and provider for odoo in Bavaria, odoo in Baden-Württemberg, odoo in Hesse und odoo in Germany.

The big aim for IT IS is still the same for 19 years now: Achieving more success for your company. 

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