Jobs - Fun - Success at the IT IS AG

For some it is just a job or an education.For us a part of our lives, which we want to spend meaningfully and with fun. 

be successful together, that is in our team play. Like a stone at the other one (word) bridge built as a team in good interplay goals will be scored. The team is everything and creates much more than each individual for themselves.
But it depends on you. Exactly to you, because you are in your place in the team the most important person.Exactly there. Exactly you.
With everyone else on our team, we are creating useful solutions, indeed sometimes even works of art that not everyone can go far.

Do you feel like real satisfaction,to create something useful,communicate with other people and even make the world a little bit better? 

We build worlds on the web, we are business people, we make success! Join in!

Software developer in Bavaria
Where others go on vacation we are at home: Here it can live really well.As a software developer in Landshut, a software architect in Regensburg and a developer in Straubing, you've come to the right place with us. Our head office is located directly at the intersection of the A92 / B15 and is also fast and easy to reach for IT specialists from Landshut and the surrounding area, for example IT specialists from Vilsbiburg, IT specialists from Rottenburg, IT specialists from Dingolfing and even IT specialists from Straubing.
Our offices are modern with two computers and two monitors,they are small team working islands with two or three colleagues,who support each other at work.Free drinks and plenty of space leave enough room for development. At lunch time you can spend in the bistro,Go outside through the park-like garden or strengthen yourself with colleagues nearby in the beer garden / cafe / restaurants. If you want to go fast, pizza, doner kebab and fresh salads are just 5 minutes away or brought.

Also for our growing branch of IT IS AG in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony we are looking for energetic support of the local team.This is interesting for a software architect Magdeburg, software architect Wolfsburg and software architect Hannover, but also software architect Braunschweig and developer in Berlin. To this end, the job description is under or simply apply online at the links below.