Jobs - Fun - Success


For some, it's just a job or an education.

For us it is a part of our life, which we want to spend meaningfully and with fun.

Being successful together means team play for us. How one stone builds a (word) bridge on another, just like a team scores goals in good teamwork. The team is everything and creates much more than each individual can do on their own.

But it depends on you. Right to you, because you are the most important person in your position in the team. 

Right you - right there.

With you and us in our team, we create useful solutions, sometimes even works of art, that not everyone can pull off. 

Live and work in Bavaria

We are at home here - where others go on vacation.     

Live and work in Bavaria - one of the most desired places in Germany

It's really good to live and work here. Out team consists of software developers situated directly in Landshut, but also software architects from Regensburg and developer from Straubing. We have IT-Specialists from Passau, and software archictects from Deggendorf. Even developers in Munich are attracted.

Yes, you've come to the right place. Our headquarters are located directly at the junction of the A92 / B15, very close to the Munich airport. It can also be reached quickly and easily by bus for IT specialists from Landshut and the surrounding area, for example from Vilsbiburg, IT specialists from Rottenburg. Some of our programmers are from Dingolfing, even Bacherlors for Informatik from Passau come by train.

Our offices are modern with two computers and two monitors on every desk, fitted with small team working islands with two or three colleagues who support each other at work. Free drinks and plenty of space leave enough room for development. You can spend lunchtime in the bistro, sit in the park-like garden or strengthen yourself with colleagues in the neer by beergardens, cafes or restaurants. And if you're in a hurry, pizza, doner kebab and fresh salads are just 5 minutes away or will be delivered.

Got your interest? Then simply send your application to or apply online here. 

These jobs are current at the moment: