Making the Leap from Closed-Source Firewall with ITIS

Not only technology decides – know-how is also important

The ITISeasy Open Source Firewall

With our product ITISeasy Infrastructure, you benefit from our data center know-how. We plan your IT landscape with you, often managing to continue using your existing hardware.

Here's a brief case study to introduce our service ITISeasy Infrastructure:
If you are currently using Sophos firewalls of the UTM, SG, XG types and may need to replace hardware that is only potentially three years old soon (license extensions for Sophos XG are only possible until March 31, 2024).

As part of a migration project, we provide comprehensive advice on your options. Often, an open-source firewall (such as opensense) fully meets your requirements.

The best part: There are no license costs involved.​

The migration can take place either on-site or remotely. We integrate the administration, monitoring, and security of your firewall into our existing control infrastructure.

For a future-proof firewall, it is not always necessary to replace still-functioning hardware. Additionally, you benefit from our firewall monitoring, which automatically detects potentially critical operating conditions before they occur.

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