Controlling all your ITISeasy applications is simple with the ITISeasy.control-center. It is a common user administration for all applications, new modules and own developments for your solution, and it is all web-based. The best: The control-center is included free of charge with your ITISeasy solution.

Extend modules and manage directory service users

You want to extend with another module, which you have purchased from a third party? No problem. To do this with ITISeasy.control-center you don't need any knowledge on the command line, just upload the module. Then install the uploaded module in your solution. Ready!


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                  With the IT IS Control Center, you can manage the important technical tasks via one interface. These include uploading and updating third-party apps, managing database backups, and the easy way to customize configuration files.

                  But there is also something for the developer right away: Using the log view, the server log can be accessed quickly and thus possible behavior can be better understood. In addition, the ITISeasy.control-center can be used to restart the ITISeasy application. And this intuitively and without command line!

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                  Central station for your ćomplete business suite

                  Upload modules/apps

                  With, you can upload apps quickly and conveniently using the upload function. During this process, it is checked whether the extension is valid (odoo standard). The files are also checked for viruses so as not to compromise your system.

                  After uploading the module, you can install it as usual in odoo or in under "Apps".

                  By looking at the list of uploaded modules, you can quickly see which third-party modules you have installed. You can also see which version this module has. If you want to deploy a new version of a module, just upload it, it will automatically replace the previously uploaded module (manifest) with the same name. Again, all you need to do is update the app.
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                  Backup and reboot

                  Before you make any important changes to your system, it is a good idea to make a backup of your current system. This applies not only to installing new modules, but also to crucial settings in the system.

                  You can easily create a backup that is stored directly on the server. This way you can quickly and safely get a snapshot of your current database. You can mark important backups as template backups and use them for further database entries on the selection screen.

                  Restoring is as simple as a mouse click.
                  It couldn't be simpler - easy, isn't it?.?
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                  Service status and restart

                  In the Control Center, you also always have an overview of all services of each ITISeasy. You can see the current status and restart the respective service with a mouse click. All without a console, conveniently in the browser.

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                  All systems under control

                  As you can see, is also excellently supported by ITISeasy.control-center. In addition to restarting the services, the logs can be displayed and evaluated, and the configuration of the server can be adjusted.

        ,, and More comfort is barely possible.
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                  Active Directory and LDAP:
                  User and group management made easy

                  But not only with regard to, the ITISeasy.control-center has a lot to offer. User administration via LDAP, for example, is possible for all our suite products.

                  Comfortable creation and administration of users - that's easy!
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                  LDAP Groups

                  You can conveniently manage groups and also create new LDAP groups via the ITISeasy.control-center interface. The groups make it easier for you to assign authorizations to a group of users in the products.

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                  Users - Create LDAP-User

                  New users can also be created comfortably and you can decide via simple selection to which solutions the user should have access.

                  We would be happy to show you what you can do with the control-center.
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                  Search users and groups

                  Users and groups can be easily identified via the search and, if necessary, customized according to your needs. No matter if you just want to change the password of the user or maybe the group assignment. All this is possible with the ITISeasy.control-center.
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                  Remove users from groups

                  Of course you can also remove users from groups afterwards, or adjust the group assignment.

                  Interest aroused? We are looking forward to your contact.Get Get in touch
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                  User Export and Import

                  With the new ITISeasy.controlcenter you get the possibility to upload your users and groups quickly and easily. quickly and easily by the new import function from Excel or csv files into your controlcenter.
                  In addition, the permissions for the users can now also be set.
                  This saves you the time of having to add each user individually to the desired groups.
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                  Database Backup and Download

                  With the new database backup function you can now create a backup of your database yourself. The backup file is then available for download in the ITISeasy.controlcenter and can be downloaded. You can thus also backup your database on a separate medium. 
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                  Test user credentials

                  To ensure that your users can log on to the IT IS easy systems, you can now check the logon already in the Control Center.
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                  Search for user subset

                  You can now search the complete directory tree for individual users and groups or participations. Especially if you have a large number of users to manage, this function is a great relief.
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