Easy - for everyone

Life becomes more and more complicated - Wouldn't it be nice if it becomes easier?

Now it will: With IT IS easy the usage is very easy.

Today everybody gets along with an Internet browser. The IT IS easy programes are structured like web pages and can be used intuitively. So that you have success right from the start and don not have to slog through manuals and seminars.

All our solutions are designed to be easy and intuitive to use. Take a look at the solutions and let yourself be inspired by the software.


IT IS easy business

The next logical action is highlighted right away. So you can easily find your way. A billed invoice should be followed by a payment to your bank account, after an offer you are glad about the order.

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IT IS easy docs

A Google search for your own documents? This would be something. With ITIS easy docs this is possible. And in the reading view you, can always see what it is about right away.

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IT IS easy email

A mail, a click and you have sent an appointment invitation. Or where was the news of Hans from three weeks ago? Searched, found. With ITIS easy email you have your e-mail communication under control.

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IT IS easy team

Plan a team meeting quickly: Just open firefox or chrome browser, take the link and inform your counterpart. And off you go with a presentation, videochat, or help on the screen. No installation, and with ITIS easy team simply no problems.

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When do you start, and try IT IS easy?

Free of charge, indeed not pointlessly. And also if you use it properly, it does not cost a lot: Have fun with the click with him Test click