Seller Import Product CSV​

ITISeasy Seller Import Product CSV

IT IS Easy Seller Import Product CSV is a module that helps a seller to import list of products already available in a CSV file.

 Why is our modul helpful?

A possible use case

Imagine you have product or order lists from the past, where you standard orders are saved from certain suppliers. You decided to process all your order in your ERP System now and realize you have to type all your order lists in the new format when making new orders.

Assuming some orders have many positions the manual transfer is time consuming, annoying and prone to error.

Advantages of importing the data

Accuracy of data

Importing directly from a file reduces the possibility of human made transfer errors

Time saving

No more time intensive typing of long list of data. Use your time for more important tasks!

No recurring actions

Editing the lists only need to be done once in the CSV file and not for every order manually

Creating an order

After inserting all the customer details the function allows you add your list of products from your CSV file.

Uploading the CSV File

You can upload every CSV file that is prepared and adjusted with the needed collumn names, the SKU, the price and the amount.

The products from the imported file

In the order lines the imported products are shown in the same way as the would be if they are inserted manually.

When you have to be quick in creating an order, our modul helps you to save time with the direct CSV upload! - die Komplettlösung für ihr Unternehmen

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