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The billing and management of services via quotas when services are sold and billed in advance, but the actual service is utilized at a later time.
Service and Billing:
With quota management, service and billing are permanently related to each other. The agreed-upon service can be gradually utilized. The extent of the already utilized and remaining services is documented and can be accessed at any time.
Transparency for your customers is paramount! Quota management allows you to keep your customers informed about the current status via "account statements." Additionally, you can mark "account statements" that have already been presented to the customer as "accepted."
Flexibility with full Control:
Quota management maps the execution of orders based on the item principle. This way, possible additional payments from your customer are displayed, and times or flat rates for already completed project tasks are deducted.
Report Delivery:
Depending on the utilization and size of the quota, you can provide your customer with evaluations at a specific interval, such as since the last report generation or on a monthly basis. 

The report can be sent to the customer via email, which can even be automated with the appropriate configuration. 

When the report is sent via email to the customer, the history of report generation is noted in the prompter and sent to the DMS (Document Management System).

A Practical Example

A customer orders a support quota of 50 hours for consulting and project services and pays the amount in advance. Thanks to well-thought-out product configuration, the confirmation of the offer regarding the scope of the order also creates a corresponding project, including tasks. The invoice to the customer is generated and sent immediately after the order is placed and is paid in advance by the customer.

The customer now has a credit of 50 hours or the agreed order amount in EUR. As the collaboration progresses, services provided under the quota are booked to the corresponding tasks via the quota management system. At the end of the first month, or depending on the agreement, for example, after 50% of the quota has been used, the customer receives an "account statement" documenting the current status of their quota.

Each further processing of the tasks will lead to the balance reaching zero once the agreed quota is fully utilized. All agreed services have been provided, and the customer has no remaining claims from this quota.

More information 

Here we can see the different fields related to the quota.
1) Is Contigent: Activates contigent functionality
2) Project Expiration Date: Update expiration date on task
3) Close Contigent: Stop allowing timesheet entries on task

Tags and Expiration date will be set on task if it is a quota task.

In the customer view, you can track all quota order lines and view all the relevant information.

Print the quota timesheet report for your customer in different format such as Hourly report and price report!


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