For anyone who suffers from constant licensing costs

It's nice to be successful and to make a lot of money with it.
But - with no envy: is it nice to watch others earn a lot of money? Where are you staying with yourself? It's no fun being a milk cow of the software industry. That's why there is an alternative now. Our alternative, IT IS easy.

IT IS easy is not free either, but above all it is not for nothing. We charge a fair price our developers need to make the product what it is. But the price is simple. One user, one month. Nothing more. No extra costs for operating system and databases, no prices per module. Per month, or - even cheaper - with 1 year or 3 years term. Because we think life is complicated enough. Calculate for yourself what you pay with us and what you are currently spending on your software. We are sure that in most cases you will get away more cheaply with us. If you are unsure, or would like to talk to us about it Contact.  


Our solutions

IT IS easy business

ERP - Merchandise management

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IT IS easy docs

DMS Document Management

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IT IS easy email

Email Solution - Mail Server

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IT IS easy team

Webcast Web Conferences

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When do you start and try IT IS easy?

Free, but certainly not pointless. And even if you use it correctly, it doesn't cost much: Enjoy your kick with the Test click