Management Overview

 Configure Meaningful Overviews - With The Management Overview

 Configure meaningful overviews based on all models and data in your ERP system. Easily create an informative dashboard that meets your individual requirements and always keep track of the latest figures, trends, and processes in the company.

Generic Management Dashboard


Present your key performance indicators for business development in appealing and easily understandable graphics - for more overview and clarity!


Creating Dashboard Content

Based on all models and fields available in your ERP system, configure all key figures and information that should be displayed on your dashboard individually and completely flexibly.

Access to the data view is, of course, linked to corresponding user permissions. This ensures that each user can only access the data for which they have the necessary permissions. This reliably ensures security and protection for sensitive information in your system.

Graphical Presentation

Through visual representation, data can be made easily understandable. Various types of graphics are available to analyze and present your business figures and KPIs. 

With charts such as bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and more, you can present your data in a clear and vivid manner to effectively convey trends, patterns, and performance indicators. - The Complete Solution for Your Business

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