ITIS Dunning Process

 Keep Your Cash Flow In Motion And Manage Customer Payments With the ITISeasy Reminder Process.

Due Payments  

Configure specific reminder stages, define dunning levels, send payment reminders and dunning notices.

Generate Notifications/Letters


Generate payment reminders, notifications, or warnings based on the achieved level of tracking for a corresponding overdue payment

Reconciliation Entries

Ensure the reconciliation of your accounts and, consequently, the accuracy of your accounting – with reconciliation entries for your recorded payment inflows and outflows.

Manual Post-Processing

It is also possible to manually download/print letters and send notifications and letters according to the achieved level

Payment Monitoring

Assign responsible individuals as contacts for your processes and define automatic follow-up stages based on processing deadlines or requested responses.

Generate Reports

Here, you can generate, print, or download reports for payment tracking. The content of the report should vary based on the achieved level

Analysis of Tracking

Example of an analysis report for the tracking level. Bar, line, and pie charts can be created for tracking purposes

Configure the Multi-Stage Payment Tracking

Define your individual tracking stages and determine which actions should be taken in each phase. - the Complete Solution for Your Business

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