Remote Access To Your Company Data

Secure and controlled access to your corporate network

 ITISeasy Remote VPN HomeOffice

We help you grant secure access to your company data only to the right people

VPN Access - But Secure!

To keep the work running and enable employees to be productive from home, they need access to information and data from your internal company network. A secure connection to the company and access to the company network must be established.

Setting up remote access for remote work is not particularly complicated. HOWEVER, you can also make a lot of mistakes along the way. If that happens, the wrong people suddenly gain access to your data and network.

You don't want that, and we can help you! Whether you're in Bayern, Baden-Würtemberg, Hessen or elsewhere in Germany, we're here to support you with our home office assistance!

 What Can We Do For You?

  • Consultation via video conference for your needs
  • Assistance with setting up VPN connections (via remote maintenance)
  • Examination and configuration of your devices and PCs' security
  • Offers for current, pre-configured hardware and software
  • Secure storage space (in our own data centers in Bavaria)
  • Support for general IT issues (PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone)
  • With remote access to your colleagues' devices, we can assist without an onsite visit. We are happy to address your challenges and establish a secure connection to the company.

Here's How We Help You With Setup Or Challenges

We primarily use You can log in to this service with or without audio (telephony). You will then see the participants and their status.

Additionally, you can share documents, upload presentations, and, of course, share your screen. If desired, you can also use the webcam. Furthermore, there are shared notes available that are visible and editable for everyone. These notes can be exported afterward.

Moreover, there is a chat function available for communication and exchange.

More questions about VPN? Or looking for tips and tricks?

Visit the page PrivacyTutor which also helps, if you want to use a VPN as a private user.  

By The Way: Your Home Office Can Be Set Up In No Time.

For further information or a demo contact us!