Security can be easy: Move to an island. Your own island.

Living on your own island does not mean that no one is allowed to visit you there, but you decide who will show up.​

Become Self-Secure With ITISeasy

If everything is in the cloud, it is hard to keep track of everything. In the foggy grey, there are also uninvited figures on the move and tamper with your sanctuary. With ITISeasy you create a clear view. You decide who is allowed in and who is not. This gives you the good feeling of being above things. In your own private cloud, of course

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based on Odoo

Your contacts in some one else's hands. Unbelievable? Yes, we think so, too. So why share your data with companies that are based in - wherever - and do not care at all about what is allowed or permitted in your country? With your business is in your hands.

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based on Alfresco

Would you like to nail your documents to the door to Wittenberg? Some maybe, but most things are private. With your documents remain confidential.

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