ITIS Subcontracting

 Outsource To Suppliers And Subcontractors, Manage Production Through The Extended Workbench - With ITIS Subcontracting 

Keep track of the production and stock levels of your contractors and adjust if necessary, for example, by providing materials.


Subcontracting - MRP 

Inventory at the subcontractor´s warehouse, processes from order to the warehouse receipt of finished goods to invoicing. No problem - with ITISeasy subcontracting.​

Routes for Subcontractors

If demand is detected by the system, orders to subcontractors are automatically generated via selected routes.

Provision for Subcontracting

The provision of manufacturing parts to the subcontractor can also be controlled through routes on products. Additionally, you can define minimum stock levels for the subcontractor's warehouse or provide materials based on demand/orders.

Inventory/ Production and Goods Flow

For provisions, warehouse issues are generated from your warehouse, and corresponding warehouse receipts at the supplier. Furthermore, the processing status can be tracked via the production order. Only when produced and shipped, the goods are available in your warehouse receipt. - the Complete Solution for Your Business an Your Number One Odoo Alternative

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 Subcontracting - Video

Enjoy our short video on the use and process of subcontracting:

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