Of Manufacturer-Dependent Costs

A Thorn In The Side For Many: The Annual Invoice From The Software Provider! What Are You Paying?

Do you feel like you're paying too much for your software, for services or features you don't even want? For frequent updates or other paid enhancements that are not relevant to your needs? 

Not with us: With ITISeasy, the costs are low. Calculate for yourself what you're currently paying and what you would pay with ITISeasy. You'll be surprised at how much value you get for your money.

And if you ever decide to discontinue, you get a backup of your data - Guaranteed, no ifs or buts.

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Products & Prices


A price per user, per month. That's it.
No module prices. No hosting costs. And no unwanted updates!
Fair, transparent, professional!

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Here too, the principle applies: You only pay for what you use.
Up to 2 users work for free. The software - with unbeatable pricing!

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Simple cost structure in this case as well:
One price per user per month.
That's it.

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Super affordable, maximum security! Your own meeting environment without unwanted eavesdropping, and much more. 

As usual: One price per user per month.

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