for manufacturer-dependent costs

The annual accounts are approaching again. How much do we pay to this software manufacturer?

Why is he so rich, and we are not?

And why do we have to go along with everything they come up with? Not with us: With IT IS easy the costs are low. Do the math yourself what you will pay now and what you would pay with IT IS easy. And there is still the update issue. There are often constraints with other providers, but with us you have the option of using the software for a long time. If you want to stop using it, you get a backup of your data - guaranteed, no ifs no buts. See a list of the costs for our products below. You will be surprised how much you get for so little money.


IT IS easy business

One price per user, per month. That's all.

No module prices. None Hosting costs. And no unwanted messages without letting you see agreeing.

Fair, partnership dealings that's IT IS easy business

IT IS easy docs

Also here applies. You only pay for what you use.

Up to 2 users work for free anyway. And even after that, the IT IS easy docs software doesn't cost much, but it brings a lot.
See for yourself

IT IS easy docs

IT IS easy email

And also here: One price per user per month. That's it. With IT IS easy email you have your e-mail costs under control.
IT IS easy email

IT IS easy team

It's getting boring: One price per user per month. So cheap, and still your own environment without listners

IT IS easy team

When do you start and try IT IS easy?

Free, but certainly not pointless. And even if you use it correctly, it doesn't cost much: Enjoy your kick with the Test click