Upsell And Downsell Possibilities With

Upgrading or customizing contracts and then having all contracts in a meaningful overview are additional features that you can look forward to in our ERP solution, Contract Management with

Upselling With The Contract Module

Right on the contract itself, you have the option to attach the reason for the upsell, the newly added products, and the updated quantities in the following form

Why An Upsell?

Downselling The Contract

Staying with the same example, it's also possible that the number of Teamware account users decreases, and the customer wants to receive fewer products. With's downgrading function, this scenario is also covered in our solution.

Reducing The Quantity Of The Product

In edit mode, a downgrade of the quantity as well as the amount can be performed in the order lines. In the screenshot, the quantity was reduced to 10 while keeping the same price.

Adjusting Quantities

Similar to the upsell, the updated quantities are reflected in the proposal PDF and the order lines. Naturally, this also results in changes to the proposal prices.

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