Security For the Future 
Upgrades, Updates, Adaptations

One thing is certain: The future will be different from the present - or: Nothing is more constant than change

But: Not everything that is good must always change. In other words, when you make a decision for a business system, you want investment security, at least for a few years. We support this.

On one hand:

Our new business software surpasses all other competitors in terms of usability, accessibility, and scalability. Therefore, it's worth considering a switch now. Just do the math. If your employees take only 4 hours longer per month to complete the same task in the old software or with Excel, for example, that quickly multiplies into incredible amounts; 4 hours times the number of employees times their hourly wage equals: Calculate it yourself.

On the other hand

 Those who choose ITIS.easy will benefit for a long time. Because the software is well-maintained, continuously supplied with security updates, and, therefore, not vulnerable to vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, because adaptability is good, and the software can be tailored to the needs of many stakeholders. Open source is an invaluable advantage in this regard. 

And last but not least, regular updates are released, which facilitate the transition to new features and legal requirements. We also support the migration to a new version in this regard

Our solutions

ERP - Merchandise management

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DMS Document Management

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Email Solution - Mail Server

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Webcast Web Conferences

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When Do You Start And Try ITISeasy?

It's free, but certainly not pointless. And even if you use it right, it won't cost much: Enjoy the trial with a test click