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IT IS Appointments

This module allows you to manage appointments with customers easily and conveniently. You configure time windows in which you are available for your customers and they can easily book the appropriate time windows from the website. This allows you to optimize your availability and book customers with you free or fee-based appointments. You decide whether the appointment will be confirmed or not.

Time slots and appointments

Time windows for employees configure and agree on appointments with groups or dedicated contacts

Appointment Dashboard

With the dashboard you can keep track of the current or requested dates. You can also see the amount of appointments that have been billed to customers.

Graphically shown, you can also see a historical history.

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Prior appointment

In the appointment itself, the parameters such as date and time, but also the participants are managed. In addition, each appointment is connected to an appointment product, so that you can distinguish the services and also bring them to billing if you want.

Groups can be created based on skills of the employees, Also possible to assign on the employees

Time-slot assign on the employees and filter while schedule an appointment

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Time window manually or by batch

Of course, you can create time windows manually, but also display them via batch processing. This allows you to easily and quickly display the available dates.

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Appointment arrangement about the web page

Customers can arrange an appointment with a specialist department (group) or a specific employee via your homepage and order regularly via the webshop if subject to a cost.

Appointment reservation by the customer

The customer can select the desired department or employee via the website, with which an appointment is to be made and also sees the availability there.

There is also the possibility to file texts, so the customer can already formulate his desired agenda or the topic he wants to discuss.

The customer also has the option to cancel appointments, if you release this as an option.

Payment for paid dates is made via the webshop with the payment methods defined by you.

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Configuration possibilities for the individuation

For the appointments price-lists can be used, so that beside the different products, also different sentences per employee can be applied.

You can freely configure which messages your customers receive or their content.


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