Budget and Cost Accounting​

ITISeasy - Budget and Cost Accounting

ITISeasy.business helps you to plan and control your budget planning and shows you the results of your cost centers.


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Create multiple budgets

For better planning and tracking, you can also create several different budgets. These could represent, for example, an optimistic and a pessimistic interpretation of the planning.

Current figures on the budget

Budget planning is based on the revenues and expenses of financial accounting in ITISeasy.business and is directly related to the posted transactions in the system.

This means that you can always see in real time which costs or revenues have run to the budget item and how the percentage fulfillment of the planned figures compares to the actual values.

Detailed list of positions

The display does not end with the total at the budget position. For each position, you can also view the associated entries in detail, always referring to the underlying data.

The figures themselves also come directly from the manual entries, as well as the outgoing or incoming invoices that are entered in the system.

Accounts configuration

You can define yourself which accounts are assigned to the respective analysis accounts or cost center items.

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Cost accounting
Cost centers and Cost center tags

Cost center accounts

Cost center accounts can have different origins. As seen in the budget, you can define yourself which accounts are to be assigned to an analysis or cost center account. However, there are also cost centers per order or project.

Manage cost center accounts

In the details of the cost center accounts you can see the assigned budgets, if this cost center is included in a budget. Furthermore, you can also view the associated postings of expense and income.

Amounts on cost centers

From which values the sum of the cost center results, you can track in detail and see the complete cost or revenue structure of the cost centers.

Assignment in documents

In all documents, a manual assignment of cost centers and cost center tags can be made. This is the case for incoming invoices from suppliers, for example. For documents that can be assigned to a specific order, ITISeasy.business already assigns the associated cost center.

Cost center rules

With cost center rules you have even more possibilities to define an automation of the cost / revenue allocation to cost center accounts. Completely according to your needs.

Cost centers on projects

Orders and projects can also be managed as separate cost centers. This allows you to post-calculate or view the respective orders and their profitability.

Personnel costs in cost centers

In addition to costs and revenues from invoices, personnel costs can also be included in the cost center analysis. This is the case for projects, for example. Your employees can thus book the working hours spent on the corresponding projects/orders.

Project view - analysis account

By storing cost rates for your employees, the booked working hours reflect the costs at the order/project or the associated cost center.

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