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IT IS Textblock

This function allows you to insert individualized text modules in quotation, order, invoice and order.
With our module you can create texts and save them as templates and insert them into documents. You can use whole text blocks, as well as individual lines, as well as placeholders.

Text blocks for your reports

Add text, images or links, design text

Create text in html editor

 The text block module allows you to create text modules according to your requirements and in documents such as To offers, orders, orders and calculations insert. You can insert entire text blocks, sections, or individual lines of text.

The html editor provides you with all the options for formatting your text, as well as the possibility to insert links or images.

You can use values from IT IS easy business as placeholders. So can e.g. customer names in the salutation, or the due date of a Invoice, automatic and appropriate to the respective data set, in your Document to be inserted.

Odoo text and image block

IT IS easy business 

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Forms of salutation and final texts

The configuration allows you to decide whether the text block should be tightened as a greeting formula or, if necessary, as a completion.

The text thus appears on the respective report above or below the table, for example product lines in the offer, of your report.
The phrases are saved and are always available as a template.

You can also insert lines of text directly between the product lines to map additional annotations or descriptions.
Of course, in addition to the greeting formula, you can also define closing formulas. These are shown in the respective report under the table.
Odoo text and image block

Presentation on the pdf document

In addition, you will find an exemplary representation of the pdf print.

Odoo • Text and image

Textblock restriction

Define who can use the text blocks

In Version 14 of ITISeasy.business it is possible to restrict textblocks for users. In this example you can unlock a certain text block for the user Aaron Fischer. Other user won't get the chance to pick this text block when creating an order for example. 

Odoo • Text and Image