ITISeasy Textblock

Insert Personalized Text Blocks Into Quotes, Orders, And Invoices ITISeasy Text Block

Effortlessly customize documents with ITISeasy Textblock. Create, save, and use text templates, add images, links, and streamline your content creation process!

Text Blocks for Report

Design text, add images, or include links!

Create Your Text in The html Editor

Generate text blocks according to your requirements and achieve a more efficient creation of quotes, orders, and calculations. Once created, complete text blocks, sections, or specific lines of text can be used as needed.

Use the HTML editor and all its options to format your text, and add links or images to your document as needed.

Work with values from as placeholders. Customer name, due dates for invoices, and much more can be automatically inserted into your document in this way. - Your Comprehensive Business Solution & Number 1 Odoo Alternative

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Forms of Adress and Closing Text

Use your text blocks as a greeting or closing text!

The text appears in the respective report above or below the table, for example, product lines in the quote.

Your text blocks are saved and always available as templates.

You can also insert text lines directly between the product lines to add additional notes or descriptions.

Of course, in addition to the greeting formula, you can also define closing text formulas.

The pdf Document

The PDF Document

Review your document with all inserted data in the PDF preview before printing or sending it. 

Textblock Authorizations

Define Permissions For The Use Of Text Blocks

In version 14 of, you can grant specific users permission to use text blocks. In this example, a particular text block is made available for the user Aaron Fischer. Other users are not authorized to use or work on this text block, for instance, when creating an order.