A Possible Use-Case

that demonstrates how the use of ITISeasy.business and ITISeasy.docs can work in practice.


A typical process, following a successful offer and delivery, involves creating and sending invoices to your customers. Whether you generate the invoice directly from the system and print it as a PDF or send it via email, it is important to ensure that the invoice is well-documented and securely stored.

Furthermore, in consideration of external audits, it is essential to adhere to the legal requirement that an invoice should exist only once.

Invoice Upload

The folder where the invoice should be uploaded can be configured. 

In this setup, it has been configured that invoices are stored in the corresponding month's folder.

Uploaded Invoice

The invoice is displayed in the folder with the designated label. Invoice numbers must be unique and consecutive. This is taken into account both in ITISeasy.business and during the upload to ITISeasy.docs. 

As a result, invoices with the same invoice number cannot be uploaded more than once, preventing duplication.

Documents Also Come Into The Company From External Sources

Direct Upload Of External Documents

Of course, not all documents are generated from the ERP system but also arrive in the company, such as supplier invoices, for example. 

In this case as well, ITISeasy.docs helps in storing these documents.

Upload Via The Dropzone

Without directly interacting with the document system, external documents can simply be dragged and dropped from your own hard drive into the desired folder.

More about the Dropzone

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