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ITISeasy Contracts - Contract management

Managing and automating contracts with customers and suppliers in ITISeasy.business is now as simple and convenient as ever.

The function can also be obtained as additional module ITISeasy contracts for odoo. This greatly increases your productivity and quality in contract processing.

Manage customer and supplier contracts

What functions does ITISeasy Contracts offer you?

Contract dashboard

With the dashboard on the current or terminated and expiring contracts, you will always keep track of them.
You know what you have to expect in terms of revenue and costs, but also when you should talk to a customer or supplier about a contract extension.

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Contract option

ITISeasy Contracts, extends the sales order with the contract option. As a result, the setting for contractually concluded agreements and maturities is available in an additional tab.

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Contract information

The agreements on term, contract extension and billing interval can be defined for the order. Based on this information, the invoices are created automatically or the contract is renewed if the customer does not cancel. You can also decide what to do with services that may have been provided in advance.

These data serve as a basis and are transferred to the respective products or contract lines.

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Automatic contract calculations

The invoices for your contracts - whether it is a contract with a customer or supplier - are automatically generated by the system in the same way as the contract settings. This is possible at the respective interval, or already completely in advance as a draft.

The invoices can also be viewed directly on the contract.

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contract upgrade - additional achievements

During the contract period, contract changes can be made in the form of upsell. Thus, additional power or the quantity of the related power can be changed. The additional parts of the contract will then also automatically be billed from the defined point in time.

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Contract lines - downgrade terms

Due to the upsell option, but possibly also the nature of the contractual components, the services may have different maturities or extensions. Therefore, the contract details can be changed individually on each contract line. The pre-assignment is adopted from the contract information, but can be adjusted in any position.

These settings cover all possibilities of term, notice periods or contract extension, as well as the billing intervals and contract term.

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Retail price categories

The use of sales price categories enables different purchasing and selling scenarios. For example, products can be purchased once from the supplier, but can be "rented" or charged to a customer per month.

Here, the option is also available to create a purchase contract for the product directly if the corresponding product itself is procured as part of a supplier contract. There are also several options available for pricing. For example, the invoicing to the customer can be made with a fixed amount, or based on the purchase price with corresponding surcharges.

It is also possible to set different contract periods or contract modalities for the sale and purchase. 

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Supplier's contracts

The contracts with suppliers can be generated automatically from customer contracts as described above, but of course also individually.

The various functions analogous to customer contracts are available in the design of the contract. Of course, there is also a Contract Ashboard in Purchasing for the overview of tasks.

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Supplier bill on contracts

As with customer contracts, invoices are automatically created for the supplier contracts in the same way as the contract settings. This can be done in advance as a draft, or for the respective period via a planned action.

On the contract with the supplier, you will see the corresponding invoices and costs for the task.

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Proceed consideration and cost consideration

In addition to the dashboard, the contracts themselves also provide information on the revenue and costs of the contract.

Several key figures can be seen, which are calculated, for example, from the actual costs or revenues, as well as extrapolations on the basis of the expected costs or revenues over the contract term.

This information can be found for the entire contract, as well as at each contract line for the individual position.

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