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IT IS easy docs Connector

Our extension allows you to combine IT IS easy business with IT IS easy docs - that is, combining your ERP system with a full-fledged document management system (DMS).

Documents are uploaded directly from the ERP system to the DMS.

Document management for your ERP

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Filing documents in the DMS

The module extends the print option of the menu bar with an additional option to upload documents to IT IS easy docs. This allows you to store documents directly from IT IS easy business in the document management system  and thus a huge step towards the proof-proof control.

You can find the export results in a separate view and download a CSV file which can be passed to the tax consultant.

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Qualities of documents

 When uploading, you can add metadata or additional information to the document.

In addition to the title, for example, a description can also be given. The entered data is transferred to the DMS and stored in the document properties. This is for better assignment or search of your documents.

After uploading, a document link is displayed on the respective detailed view of a task (quote/order/invoice/order), via which the document can be directly accessed.
The uploading can also be done automatically via appropriate configuration, so that no user action is required anymore. For example, when booking the invoice, the invoice document can be filed automatically.

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Dropzone for simple drag & drop

Many areas of IT IS easy business already have a  Open Documents button. A click on it offers the possibility to work with the DMS directly from your ERP system.

A window opens for this - the drop zone. So you can -  for example - a file by drag & Drop from a local system folder to the appropriate folder without having to open the Document Management System (DMS). You can also use the drop zone to create new folders or preview documents.

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The document library in DMS

The uploaded documents are stored in IT IS easy docs according to the stored configuration and folder structure. The installation of the site in the DMS automatically takes place out of IT IS easy business, based on your settings in the module configuration. IT IS easy docs itself provides full functionality, including document search and management, workflows and sharing at the possession.
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Direct preview of the documents

Your documents like .pdf, .txt. csv and the mostly used image files like .png, jpg etc. can be viewed directly in the preview or downloaded locally. This all happens directly in the ERP system without the need to download the documents.

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