ITISeasy Project Add-Ons​

The project management has been expanded with a whole set of project add-ons, that simplify the management and tracking of projects. This starts with the requirement description and ends with the performance evaluation.


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In this video, our consultants demonstrate how to use the module. Additionally, you will learn about its key features.

Tasks in Kanban View

In the Kanban view, you get an immediate overview of due dates. Additionally, with the help of color configuration, you can ensure visual clarity.

Tasks in Timeline

Clear view of tasks and dependencies on the timeline for project overview.

Task Requests

If there are no tasks available for specific assignments, employees can create a task request with the project manager through task requests. The project manager will be notified via email and can confirm the request.

Timesheet and Weekly Planning

In addition to a series of additional fields such as planned or worked hours, the timesheet also includes planned or worked hours. This way, you always have an overview of what has already been accrued or is still pending. However, there is also the option to create a plan. It is configurable whether this is a weekly plan or for an entire month.

The plan can be sent to the manager for review and approval. The planned tasks can then be transferred to the actual timesheet, reflecting the work performed.

Project Baseline

With the significantly expanded and improved project management in, you can easily adapt an ongoing project to your new requirements and circumstances with just a few mouse clicks, without regretting later due to missing old data.

Previously, changes to project tasks were not documented, making it impossible for the project manager to trace what changes occurred and what impact they had on the project's progress. With and the new 'Project Baseline,' you can modify the previously planned time for any project task without losing the old plan. For example, you can adjust the start and end times to accommodate new requirements.

Another crucial area for almost every company is project costs. With 'Project Baseline,' all adjustments made to tasks are also considered in terms of cost. This information is then available for calculations or for creating change orders. 
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