ITISeasy Productivity Enhancement

With the small yet impactful changes in 14, additional productivity potentials can be harnessed through just a few clicks or new applications.

Additional Helpers In

Drag & Drop File Attachments 

Easily and quickly attach your files to reports like orders and quotes without the need for cumbersome uploads or having to send documents separately.

More about file attachments

Customize Theme Colors

You work with, so you can design the theme colors the way you want.

More about Theme Colors

Organize Your Menu

Arrange your menus according to your preferences and organize your modules to meet your requirements.

More about the menu arrangement

Collapse Menu Bar

Especially in the mobile view, and to have more space on the screen for essential processes, the collapsible menu provides an additional option to create more space.

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Become More Productive With ITISeasy As An Alternative To Odoo.

Toggle Chatter On/Off

You decide whether you want to work with an actively visible Chatter or without it.

More about the Chatter

Automatic Credit Limit Check

You will be automatically notified when a customer's credit limit is exceeded.

More about the credit limit

Bulk Editing Of Product Lines

Add products to quotes or orders more quickly without wasting too much time on details.


Achieve More With

Edit Sections/Notes in Order Lines

Use templates for sections and notes to quickly create your quotes and orders in your daily routine.


PDF Preview

With the toggleable PDF preview of your quote, contract, or invoice documents, you can quickly verify the accuracy of the files at a glance.

More about the PDF preview - The Best Odoo Alternative And Open-Source ERP Solution.

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