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This module extends the vacation and employee module with a variety of functions. With this extension, you can define the following values for the employee: Regular vacation (based on the contract), additional vacation, planned vacation for the upcoming year, remaining vacation from the previous year, expiration of old vacation at the end of the month set in the planner.

Employee Absence Times - Your ERP Vacation Management

Absence Planning

In the dashboard view, the calendar displays all entered vacation or absence times. 

Additional times can be planned here, and you can also navigate to other functions from this interface.

Requesting Absence Times

Requesting Vacation

Requesting Vacation
From the dashboard, as shown in the screenshot, new absence times can be entered. In this example, 'Paid Vacation' was selected. Other options are freely customizable in the configuration.

In reality, there are various reasons why vacation can be requested.

Various Vacation Reasons

In addition to the traditional annual leave, half-days off or the reduction of overtime can also be taken.

This eliminates the need for cumbersome solutions in vacation management, as ITISeasy.business easily accommodates all these scenarios.

Special Leave

There are always reasons why an employee is granted additional vacation days. Whether it's exceptional performance justifying extra leave, personal matters, or, in the example given, the birth of one's own child.

With ITISeasy.business, special leave is quickly approved and added.


The vacation entries are presented in an overview of vacation requests and are forwarded to the respective manager for approval.

The responsible manager is linked to the employee contact once and will receive approval requests automatically from now on.

Granting Approval 

The manager assigned to the employee can individually approve or reject each vacation request and add comments as needed.

 To understand how working hours, absence/overtime, and vacation times accumulate, ITISeasy.business offers the functionality based on the posting principle.

Continuous Vacation Calculation

In the HR module, the posting principle comes into play, where, for example, the vacation entitlement and accounted days remain continuously up-to-date. You are always informed about how much remaining vacation your employees have and how these times accumulate.

Vacation Requests

In the employee contact profile, it is clearly recorded when and what type of vacation the employee has taken. From this information, the remaining vacation entitlement (28 days) is calculated, as shown in the screenshot above. The type 'Additional' or 'Vacation' determines whether the vacation days are added or deducted.

Integration with Attendance Time Tracking

The integration with attendance time tracking and the posting principle ensures that carrying over vacation into the new year is easily possible.

The remaining vacation entitlement is carried over to the next year and can be accounted for there according to rules, for example, until March.

Vacation Carryover to the Next Year

The 5 days of remaining vacation are separately carried over to the new year and accounted for. In ITISeasy.business, it is possible for this vacation to be automatically accounted for first in the new year.

Through planned actions, the expiration of vacation days can be addressed at any given time by deleting the entitlement on the specified date. An automated reminder email can also be set up in this case.


Using the same principle, the overtime/absences are listed and clearly presented in the employee contact profile. Overtime is calculated from the balance of hours worked per day and the required hours per day, as defined in the working hours model.

If Vacation is Shorter than Planned

Reversing Vacation Balance

A scenario that is not desired or occurs quite frequently but can be easily managed in ITISeasy.business. Your employee plans to take 8 days of summer vacation and needs to end the vacation after 5 days due to an emergency at the company. The 8 days of vacation are already approved and booked. How can this be rectified?

Rolling Back Vacation Request

The already approved request for 8 days can be easily rejected and changed to 5 days. The entry in the employee's vacation journal will be overwritten and updated.

 Plan Vacation in Advance

Plan your Vacation for Next Year Today

 It's a familiar scenario: Your boss asks you to start vacation planning for next year early to avoid staffing shortages, or you find a great deal with an early booking discount and want to book your flight.

With ITISeasy.business, this is easily achievable.

Separate Vacation Time Consideration

 When booking vacation for the next year, it's important to consider vacation entitlements separately. In the example, 5 days of Easter vacation for 2020 were booked. ITISeasy.business recognizes this automatically and reduces the vacation entitlement for 2022 by 5 days.

The vacation entitlement for the current year remains unaffected by this adjustment.

Public Holidays

Recording Public Holidays

Also possible in the module is the recording of legal public holidays. The regional differences in public holidays can be a potential stumbling block for employee payroll in an ERP system.

Considering Regional Differences

Regional differences in public holidays can impact companies with branches in different countries or with offices in various states.

To avoid issues with payroll and vacation booking, ITISeasy.business can address this by configuring different sets of holidays for each relevant region.

BI Reports

Absence Analyses

With BI (Business Intelligence) reports, you can analyze the absence times of your employees in a report format at any time. Each table value on the X and Y-axis is freely configurable, allowing the reports to be tailored to your specific needs.

The reports can also be visualized in chart form.

Absence Analyses by Type

In the above example, the BI report was filtered by employee. Additionally, filtering can also be applied based on the type of absence.

This is particularly useful for regularly checking the absence times of employees on a monthly or yearly basis for trends or anomalies.

Facilitated Vacation Planning

Overview Function

The overview function is an essential part of the vacation management in ITISeasy.business.

For all employees, the current status of the vacation situation in the company is visible, practical, and clear. Once a vacation request is approved, it is displayed in the calendar overview.

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