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Double-entry bookkeeping in automated processes from goods receipt to goods issue

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Revolution through Double-Entry Bookkeeping In the Warehouse

The double accounting system of Odoo reduces processing times and automated transactions. Odoo creates the opportunity to reduce inventory and ensures you the complete traceability of all transactions.

Organize the Warehouse With Double-Entry Bookkeeping - Full Transparency with Maximum Stock Movement

The principle of double bookkeeping for Odoo's stock has simplified financial accounting . The movement of products in Odoo takes place only from place to place and is not organized according to consumption, loss or missing products.

This principle enables you to track products without gaps. The chain is not only limited to your storage area, but can also be traced to the movements of customers or suppliers. Furthermore Odoo offers you the possibility to create extended reports. The complete functions are available via the intuitive user interface.

Fully Integrated and Ready to Use

With Odoo, procurement becomes a breeze. Odoo's warehouse management is fully integrated into sales and purchasing. Through the integration of financial accounting, bookings can be created in real time for each storage movement. Furthermore, reports on costs and revenues are available.

We would be happy to advise you regarding customization or setup options for the warehouse in Odoo, according to the requirements of your company.

For further information about the modules of Odoo, as well as our services, click here .

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