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Manage Your Helpdesk And Customer Support Efficiently - With The ITISeasy Support Module

Tickets can be created through incoming emails or by customers via the website. Additionally, you can associate tickets with a support contract and keep customers informed about their status through the portal.

Working hours are recorded through the ticket or related tasks and can be invoiced to the customer. Support tickets are integrated into the ERP system.​

Support Tickets​  

Customer service and support - transparent and straightforward.

Ticket Creation via the Website

Customers can create support tickets through the website, where they can specify the priority, provide relevant descriptions, and attach screenshots or documents. The created ticket goes directly into your support system and can be processed by your colleagues.

Depending on the agreement with the customer, you can define automatic emails based on freely configurable stages, such as sending a confirmation email for the ticket.

Upon submitting the ticket, the customer receives a ticket number immediately.

Stay Informed

Through the portal function, both the customer and internal staff can view all their tickets and their processing status. Messages and time entries related to the ticket are visible there.

Furthermore, the customer can even download a report of the ticket as a PDF, providing an additional way to keep track of the ticket's details.

Overview Of Tickets

With the dashboard, you have an immediate overview of ongoing, aborted, or completed tickets. You can also see the status of individual support teams, as well as a historical, graphical analysis of the support volume.

Ticket Processing

Within the ticket itself, a range of functions is available, allowing for assignment to a team or an individual handler. Escalation of tickets is also possible.

All work can be documented through time tracking on the ticket or through associated tasks. This enables analysis or billing to the customer.

Time tracking can also be done using a start/stop timer. All messages or emails related to the process are visible in the chatter. All entries made here are also available in the portal for the customer. - The Complete Solution for Your Business, and Alternative to Odoo.

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