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 ITISeasy - Financial Accounting Automated

What is the advantage of an integrated financial accounting?

 In, processes are built logically on top of each other to simplify employees' daily work and automate manual, repetitive tasks as much as possible. This goes to the extent that employees do not need to be involved in processes of other departments, yet they are already preparing the groundwork for subsequent processes in their daily work. All automatically in the background.

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Invoice Creation from Order

With, just like in the standard Odoo system, the invoice can be generated directly from the quotation and order entered by the seller. The system accesses the expense and revenue accounts from the configuration.

Invoice creation, therefore, occurs correctly without manual intervention, and the entries are posted to the designated accounts. Naturally, can also handle debtor or creditor accounts and, if needed, export your entries for use in DATEV.

Inventory Changes and Stock Valuation

Deliveries associated with the order, or generally inventory movements in the warehouse, can also be automated through

This means that goods receipts, transfers, and shipments, in other words, all inventory changes, are automatically recorded in the warehouse journal, enabling real-time analysis.

Various options for valuation methods for material values are available, such as average purchase costs, First-in First-out (FiFo), or a standard cost rate.

Keeping your Business Numbers in View

Whether it's revenues or costs, all relevant business transactions and associated entries are represented in the system, fully automated in the background. That's integrated financial accounting. As a result, all key performance indicators (KPIs) are available to you in real-time, and, for example, your profit and loss statement (GuV) is always up to date.

Your Individual Chart of Accounts

All accounts are part of the chart of accounts. In the (extended) chart of accounts, the booked amounts triggered by the invoice are directly recorded. This is particularly clear and equipped with a quick search function for account numbers in

Additionally, you always see the current balance for each account. The chart of accounts is easy to expand, allowing your company to be accurately represented.

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