Financial Accounting

ITISeasy Financial Accounting

Especially the finance section of the community version of Odoo has been reduced again and again at the expense of the Enterprise version. However, Odoo Enterprise also lacks some important functions for German accounting. Therefore, has been enriched with a variety of options and functions.

Billing and Accounting

 Extensions of the Financial Solution in includes many extensions to the Odoo accounting system that you need for your daily work in financial accounting. This includes, among other things,  the dunning process, the option of DATEV-Exports, the import of MT940 Files for your bank imports, and much more. Below, we present a small selection of additional extensions for you.

Compensation of Payments

One of the negative surprises in Odoo Accounting Version 14 was certainly the removal of the payment reconciliation feature from the Odoo Community. This functionality was transferred by Odoo to the Enterprise version. Naturally, we have restored this functionality in

You can now access payments through various areas, allowing you to reconcile your generated bank statements with the existing transactions in the system.

Default View for Payment Reconciliation

A display showing transactions to be cleared, with automatic suggestions based on included payment data, facilitates a simple and quick reconciliation process.

This is an essential functionality and an absolutely necessary component in an ERP solution. - the Complete Solution for Your Business

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Import Paypal, AMEX

In addition to the MT940 bank import, we have also created additional import options that allow, for example, the import of CSV files from Sparkasse or payment transactions from PayPal and AMEX.

 Account Overview

Balances of accounts and chart of accounts

Sum Balances - Asset Report - VAT Prepayment Report

Report enhancements for German accounting

Sum Balance Reports

With, you can define your own sum balance ranges, assign relevant accounts to them, and create your own individual evaluation of sums and balances.

Retrieval Report for Totals Balances

You can generate the sum balance report based on various criteria such as tax year, periods, or individual time frames with Furthermore, you can decide whether only posted amounts should be included or also draft bookings. This gives you full control.

Specific Presentation

The sum balance ranges you create are displayed in the evaluation with the accounts you have configured. Of course, there is also a pre-configuration that allows for an evaluation by account types without your intervention.

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Define Asset Categories

Asset types can be freely configured. Here, you can define which accounts are involved, how long the depreciation should run, and which depreciation method you want to apply.


The assets themselves are then assigned to the categories and enriched with the values and data of each asset. Depreciations are automatically calculated by and created as draft entries.

Upon request, the entries can also be confirmed directly by the system. Assets can be assigned to cost centers or, if necessary, distributed across cost centers.

Assets Analysis in

In the standard version of Odoo, you will search in vain for an asset report. Not so in You can define the desired time frame and decide for which asset category you want to create a report. For all of them? Also not a problem... ITISeasy.

Assets Report as PDF

You will receive the asset report as a PDF with the typical values that your tax advisor requires, directly from the system, without manual adjustments by your employees.

VAT Prepayment Report

Another function that is indispensable for the representation of financial accounting in Germany. The VAT prepayment report is not only visually based on the well-known Elster report but is also completely configurable. This allows for individual tax accounts to appear in the correct category, and the report can be automatically generated based on your transactions in the system.

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