Mit haben Sie die Gewissheit, dass Ihre Dokumente strukturiert und sicher in der Cloud liegen und immer zur Hand sind, wenn Sie sie brauchen. Basierend auf Alfresco und speziell von ITIS weiterentwickelt. basiert auf Alfresco und ist eine Kombination aus open-source Enterprise-Content-Management und Busines-Process-Managment.

Why A Pot Needs The Right Lid - Or: The Best DMS In Germany For And Odoo Enterprise.​

Die Verwendung der richtigen Werkzeuge und Systeme ist entscheidend für den reibungslosen Betrieb und den Erfolg jedes Unternehmens. Wenn es um die Verwaltung von Dokumenten und Informationen geht, ist ein zuverlässiges und effizientes Dokumentenmanagement-System (DMS) unerlässlich.

Für und Odoo Enterprise freuen wir uns, die beste DMS-Lösung in deutscher Sprache anbieten zu können.

A business system thrives on user inputs, processes, use cases, analyses, reports, and documents. Especially in areas like financial accounting, as well as any other areas where information needs to be transmitted from person A to person B in a human-readable form, "printouts" or documents are often still the preferred method. While paper documents may not always be involved, the PDF format has secured its role as a document format.

Not only do people send documents, but they also receive them, doubling the volume of these documents. However, what is transmitted needs to be stored because the "reference" is needed when looking back after months to see what was agreed upon, delivered, paid, or otherwise worth documenting.

And ultimately, third parties are also interested in the documents created for business transactions. In fact, they even legally require proper filing. All of this has historically led to a system of folders, cabinets, archives, and ultimately filling up paper bins.

With a professional, modern Document Management System (DMS), ideal for Germany, these challenges have become easier, more environmentally friendly, and can even create a symbiotic relationship, as seen in the integration between and The work hardly makes sense without this combination. Documents seamlessly transfer between the ERP solution and the optimized DMS for Germany, depending on who first received or generated them. Searching is simple and effective, thanks to full-text capabilities, and archiving protects against accidental overwriting. Your data is, of course, securely protected in the cloud according to German standards!

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Warum das DMS für Deutschland von Odoo Enterprise nicht ausreichend ist

The features mentioned above are not available in Odoo Enterprise's DMS, which is why the system quickly becomes overwhelmed when handling 20,000-30,000 documents. The search algorithms are not designed to handle content from different types of documents, such as emails, office documents, or special cases like CAD data, let alone audio or video files. Customization for such requirements is not provided.

Furthermore, the system lacks versioning, workflows, and security areas with potential restrictions for specific users. This makes it challenging to manage approvals and control access to confidential documents. None of these weaknesses exist in the integration of with is based on one of the world's best Document Management Systems (Alfresco), and ITIS AG has been progressively integrating the two systems for the past 8 years.

Wer suchet, der findet:

Nicht immer, aber manchmal, je nach Standort und System.

Haben Sie auch schon öfter gedacht, "Wo habe ich das nochmal hingelegt?" Kommt Ihnen das manchmal, häufig oder sogar öfter vor? Unsere Erfahrung zeigt, dass die meisten Benutzer heutzutage Schwierigkeiten haben, das zu finden, wonach sie suchen, in den Stapeln von Dateien. Es gibt mehrere Gründe dafür: Die Mischung aus Papier- und elektronischen Dokumenten erschwert die Organisation, und das Ablegen von Dokumenten in einem Dateisystem ohne wichtige Informationen zu jedem Dokument stellt eine Herausforderung dar.

Nicht zuletzt führt die häufig unstrukturierte Ablage in Ordnern und Unterordnern im Dateisystem, kombiniert mit mehreren Netzlaufwerken, zu einem Labyrinth der Komplexität, das schwer zu durchschauen ist.

That's when it's time for a solution with and its integrated full-text search feature."

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Warum die automatische Ablage bessere Resultate liefert

Problem identified, danger averted? Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple. To effectively combat this risky behavior, we need either very strict company policies and highly disciplined colleagues, or a tool that supports us in countering our human behavior. In short, a good automatic filing system helps us avoid frequent misplacements and known errors.

Our computer colleague is capable of suggesting a filing location or even selecting the correct place without our intervention, resulting in a clean "folder" with "tabbed dividers" later on.

With the built-in full-text search, documents can be quickly retrieved, but it's important to know what you're looking for. Therefore, the combination of structure and search is the best way to quickly achieve the desired results.

1+1 = 3: Wie das Zusammenspiel von zwei Systemen für Sie einen Mehrwert schafft

One system is good, two systems are even better, as long as they don't compete in terms of information arrangement. However, the real magic happens when the systems work hand in hand. For document filing, we can demand a new approach, a better approach.

With, you can easily assign a dedicated area on the document management system,, to each customer, supplier, employee, or project. This establishes a clear structure from the very beginning, and every colleague can find the right place for documents related to a specific process with just one click on the document site. Furthermore, the integration with the powerful document management system,, offers numerous benefits.

For example, you can automatically file every invoice, as well as quotes and orders, in the document management system. This happens automatically when you send the document from via email or print it using the printing function. In the background, a process takes the resulting PDF, considers the document filing structure, applies the appropriate permissions, and uploads it as a PDF document to the document management system.

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Die rechtlich konforme Archivierung

Legally compliant archiving in a Document Management System (DMS) in Germany refers to the storage of electronically relevant information objects that meet the requirements set by the legislator. These requirements include the German Commercial Code § 239, § 257 HGB, the German Fiscal Code § 146, § 147, § 200, and the Principles for the Proper Keeping and Storage of Books, Records, and Documents (GoBD). These regulations define the secure and proper storage of commercial documents and also specify retention periods ranging from six to ten years. By the way, since we operate internationally, please ensure to check the requirements when using the system abroad against the applicable rules and laws in those countries.

In recent years, archiving and long-term storage have gained significant importance due to legal and regulatory requirements. This includes treating digital documents - in conjunction with electronic signatures - on par with traditional paper documents. Additionally, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other compliance requirements, especially in the United States, have accelerated this development. The discussion surrounding the archiving of tax-relevant data according to the rules of GDPdU and GoBD has also made the use of revision-safe document archiving and storage systems necessary in Germany. Furthermore, data security has become an increasingly important aspect. With, your data is guaranteed to be secure in the cloud.

Den gesetzlichen Anforderungen gerecht werden

However, within the discussion of legal requirements, the question often arises: What is a suitable storage medium, and consequently, what is the "right" storage drive? While in the past, Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) media, which are only writable once, were preferred, today, methods involving certificates and digital stamps are often employed. This shift is due to manufacturers of hard drive systems and tape drives wanting to secure a market share, but it is primarily driven by practical handling and the significantly increased storage capacity of these media.

Furthermore, it is generally acknowledged that the applicable laws and regulations should not favor any particular medium. Especially considering the relatively long retention periods, it should be possible to undergo technological changes. Nonetheless, the entire archiving process must be concluded and secured in a way that manipulation is not possible according to the current state of technology. The question of the preferred storage drive and its storage media is therefore only one aspect. The correct process of revision-safe archiving also involves handling and organizational processes.

Thus, the archiving process should be given special attention. Our ITIS AG consultants recommend the following approach:

Trennung zwischen Datenspeichern

Datenarchivierung und Datenspeicherung für die reguläre Dokumentenarbeit.

Prozessbeschreibung der Archivierung

Gemäß den 10 Richtlinien des Verbandes Organisations- und Informationssysteme e. V. (Verband der Organisationen und Informationssysteme).

Auslagerung des Archiv

To an inaccessible area for outsiders. This means that the archive should withstand attempts of manipulation by company employees, which is best achieved through physical separation and appropriate contractual agreements with a third-party service provider.

Regelmäßige Sicherung der Daten

In einem Format, das Manipulation erschwert oder unmöglich macht. Dies umfasst das Signieren von Daten und die Möglichkeit, den Zugriff auf die Medien zu beschränken (z.B. durch einen Safe) und den Zugriff nur nach dem Vier-Augen-Prinzip zu ermöglichen.

ITIS AG bietet diese Dienstleistungen als Treuhänder an (Hosting von Archivsystemen, Zugangskontrolle, angemessene vertragliche Vereinbarungen) und speichert Daten auf nicht manipulierbaren Medien (Blu-Ray).

Die Bedeutung einer strukturierten Dokumentenablage

In addition to the reasons listed above, however, there are also formal conditions for each company that require document storage of commercial documents, contracts, important documents and other records in a secure manner. The main reason is that the legislator would like to be sure that in case of an audit of the company all the required documents are actually available to him. This should make it possible to show which services and which deliveries have been provided and delivered at what time - and, of course, which payments have been made.

The second purpose of a Document Management System is equally important: it involves integrating documents received from external sources into the filing system. It is crucial in this process to quickly and easily bring an email or paper document into the document management system and link it to the appropriate record in The built-in drop zone feature greatly assists in this regard. This creates a complete information package about the transaction, presented as a record along with a file link in The integration of the two systems provides a seamless and efficient filing capability in this aspect as well.

Optimierte Dokumentenablage

Optimize your document management by integrating with By combining these two excellent systems, the filing of your business documents is automated.

This automation not only enhances the security of your documents but also significantly improves document retrieval through the fast and integrated full-text search feature in

Mehr zum Dokumentenmanagement und Odoo mit oder Alfresco verbinden?

Actually, it's quite simple: The available solution already includes the module required for There are several options for establishing this connection:

The easiest option is to order ITISeasy.base. In this case, both systems are pre-configured and ready to use immediately.

If you are already using odoo or but do not have, you can simply add to your existing setup. In the case of odoo, you will need our module, which you can find directly in the shop.

If you have an old DMS and want to migrate, our consultants can work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that includes data migration, operational transition, and integration of the archiving system.

If you are using another business system that no longer meets your needs optimally, feel free to reach out to us. We can facilitate a smooth and secure transition for you.

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