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In typical business operations, one thing sometimes gets out of sight: it's not just about working well and solidly with customers and suppliers, not just about keeping an eye on inventory, production, or project management, and of course, finances. It's also about your most valuable teammates who keep everything running in your company. With , you have the best open-source ERP system to have all the essential tools for guiding and managing employees, from the process of selection and hiring to contract management, employee discussions, and skill management.

But the management of traditional employee tasks can also be excellently handled with Unlike the Odoo Enterprise personnel solution, both the time attendence tracking, which is mandatory for every company nowadays, as well as the holiday request process with the typical approval process, time management, and handling of vacation carryovers to the next calendar year are already fully covered by for many corporate situations. More detailed information on this is provided below.

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If Time is Money, your Employees Deserve Precision.

Often, the employees of a company are evaluated based on their working time module. This means that in the ERP system, you initially define how the recorded attendance leads to a corresponding compensation amount. Nowadays, there are many models for this: whether it's part-time, shift work, overtime, or the reduction of ordered overtime: all these areas contribute to the determination of the payout amount to employees in payroll processing. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain proper accounting in this regard, which is unfortunately not the case with the standard Odoo.

In many cases, times, vacation entitlements, or other metrics are simply overwritten and not recorded in accordance with the  post-principle. This makes it difficult to trace how a specific time balance was determined later on. completely reworks and rectifies this process. For every attendance or absence entry, a corresponding time record is created. This allows for later tracking of how the time account has behaved. Potential discrepancies are thus eliminated from the outset, and the transparency of times is accurately and comprehensibly accounted for.

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The Attendance Time Tracking of

Do you remember the times when colleagues used to wait by the time clock in the evenings until the respective hour arrived? Sometimes, actual lines would form because the machine only stamped at 15-minute intervals. As a newcomer to the workforce, it was surprising to witness.

That's different today: with in conjunction with a time card terminal, directly on the PC, or on a mobile phone, every employee can quickly and easily report when they arrive, whether they are on a break, or when they are leaving the company for the day. Unlike the Odoo standard, the application checks whether you are within the respective standard working time model or if there is an unusual situation due to a time deviation. In this case, will inquire about the reason for the deviation. The employee has the option to select a reason from a menu. This way, the HR department can be informed without the need for a personal visit in this case.

But can do even more:

Employees can check the extended view when clocking in or out to see the current status of their personal time account at that moment. This helps minimize the frequent inquiries to the HR department.

The time tracking system of works seamlessly with modern tablet PCs, mobile phones, or PCs. Using an RFID reader or a barcode scanner, the process can be reduced to a simple beep for clocking in or out. This puts on par with professional time card capture terminals and can also be further customized to fit the specific workflow of your company. You won't find this level of flexibility anywhere else..

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Your Company Becomes Attractive to New Colleagues Because your Website Becomes an Invitation Area.

While some may long for the "good old days," many others are excited about the new job market situation. Many open positions and often too few applicants make it possible. This presents a new challenge for companies and HR departments today. To find the best talent, you need to stand out from your competitors. The online presence of the company plays an increasingly important role in this regard: it's where the company and the specific job position are presented in the best light. The company that comprehensively informs about the requirements and opportunities of the job has the upper hand. Applicants are provided with the necessary information to make the decision to apply to the company.

And today, it should be as simple as a few responses and a click to upload application documents. Additionally, the applicant area  should allow candidates to ask questions about the specific job. With, you have already achieved this goal.

On the internal side of the application process, the HR department has an automated management system for the application workflow at their disposal. With a clear dashboard and a Kanban view, the various stages of the application process can be easily visualized at any time. The decision to invite for an interview is represented simply by moving the application process on the Kanban board. Automatic email sending processes support communication with the candidates.

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ITISeasy Leave

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ITISeasy Appointments

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ITISeasy Attendance

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When an Agreement is Reached: the Employment Contract and the Path to It.

It has a fundamental significance for every employment relationship: the employment contract governs, like other contracts, how the two parties want to work together. It can be agreed upon both orally and in writing, and it can be either fixed-term or indefinite. Also, the time commitment (part-time/full-time) and whether it's a mini-job, a training contract, or a special agreement for unique situations: Just with these few attributes, it becomes evident how diverse the requirement is to represent this in an ERP system.

In, the real contract situation is to be reflected through time bookings , vacation entitlement , working hours, shift models, contract changes, as well as the start and end of the contract. Quite literally, because these details are relevant for payroll and have an impact on the employee's payout. While in Odoo Enterprise, these data can be easily overwritten, contract management is the standard practice in

But that's not all: The "actual" document containing the signatures of both contract parties is best stored in, the attached document management system. There, other common work documents are also typically kept in the electronic personnel file. This way, evidence can be provided and tracked seamlessly.

By the way, begins capturing personnel data as soon as the application data is submitted, allowing information about colleagues to be gradually completed over time. More on this below. Additionally, provides different tabs for personal data, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view these details. Nevertheless, all data can be promptly deleted upon request by the applicant or employee. This way, the lifecycle is adhered to, and compliance with legal retention policies is ensured.

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How to Inspire Employees: Reinforce their Strengths and Provide Support through Further Education and Training.

Many companies today have come to realize that employees are a highly valuable asset for the organization. Therefore, it is crucial to identify and nurture individual strengths of employees. This also aids in assembling effective teams. Additionally, addressing any deficiencies through employee training can be highly beneficial. provides valuable support to the HR department from the very beginning by structuring information about the employee's education, experience, and qualities. This enables the creation of detailed profiles and equips the HR department with the information needed to suggest appropriate training and development measures for each colleague. Furthermore, offers a reward and recognition system  that allows colleagues to be promoted and outstanding achievements to be highlighted in relation to their work.

When an employee completes a training program, whether within the company or at an external institution, they often receive a corresponding document, such as a certificate or diploma, that formally records this training for future reference. The digital personnel file is the ideal place to store these documents and share them with the employee. also assists all colleagues in navigating the organization. Each colleague's card includes an organisational diagram, that shows their reporting relationships, making it easy to see who they work with in terms of reporting. If an employee changes positions within the company, they naturally move within the organizational diagram as well.

Off to Vacation: Even these Times Count Like Money.

The creators of have placed special emphasis on vacation management because, in the Odoo Enterprise version, this function is reduced to the bare minimum for vacation approvals, and it does not account for all the usual requirements and eventualities that can arise during the vacation process. It's a different story with Here, vacation management has been entirely based on real-world practices and provides a detailed representation of the typical scenarios that can occur. This includes not only the traditional allocation of annual leave but also the possibility of granting special leave, reconciling it with any overtime worked, or even taking just half a day off, for example, in the afternoon.

Another occasional scenario is when an employee becomes ill or has to return to work due to an emergency during their vacation, and as a result, a portion of the vacation needs to be credited back to their vacation balance. Because tracks each transaction or vacation deduction and allocation separately, it allows for complete transparency in understanding how the current vacation balance is calculated.

During vacation planning and utilization, there is often a need to determine the available remaining vacation  which may have accrued in the previous calendar year or is intended to be taken from the next year. The integration with the attendance time tracking in can provide a maximum level of transparency and planning certainty in this regard. has the concept that vacation can be carried over flexibly. By default, this can be done until the end of the first quarter of the next year (March 31st). Similarly, vacation can be planned in advance if the remaining vacation days are sufficient. The specific rules of companies, often documented in works agreements, can also be reflected by customizing the standard system.

For team leaders and other colleagues, it is undoubtedly valuable to know when someone is on vacation. provides a calendar view, where the vacation periods of individual colleagues are entered as soon as they are approved. This way, everyone within a department has an overview of who is currently absent.

By the way, is also aware of the current holidays and takes them into account in vacation planning. Additionally, can provide quick insights into how the vacation situation is across the entire company through its reporting capabilities.

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The Digital Personnel File: these Documents Need to be Managed Well.

Anyone who has ever seen the file folders and steel cabinets in the HR department of a medium-sized company knows how important and sensitive the management of personnel data is. It is therefore completely clear that the  digital personnel file  of a company is a very important tool for digitally, comprehensively, and securely storing all the documents that accumulate over the course of an employment relationship. In this regard, only a mature document management system like is suitable.

Careful filing and working with documents begin with the hiring process: the application documents of applicants contain personal and confidential information that should only be accessible to the HR department and the evaluating person in the department. The strong connection between  and makes this possible.

In, the electronic personnel file starts with the job application. A link in points to where the documents can be found. Other important documents, such as the employment contract, company agreements, telecommuting agreements, vehicle usage agreements, commitment to confidentiality of company data, and other documents that regulate the employment relationship, can be stored here. The company policy handbook, as well as other resources for onboarding new colleagues, may also be linked here.

Once employment has commenced, a range of ongoing processes related to the employee emerge. This includes items such as attendance records, vacation and absence reporting due to illness or other reasons, as well as ongoing payroll processing. In this context, provides a predefined document structure to systematically and clearly organize the storage of these recurring documents, making them equally accessible to every employee. When necessary, disciplinary documents or certificates and interim certificates can also be stored within this structure.

Another area of the electronic personnel file concerns training measures, current performance development (performance), the results of training programs, external certificates, incentives, and the storage of documents related to the management of monetary benefits.

Teamwork is crucial: Often, the aforementioned processes are not decided by a single person within the company but go through a review and approval process as part of a workflow. In this case as well, supports the modeling of such workflows. Therefore, in combination with, a highly efficient personnel file is created. None of these capabilities are offered by the Odoo Enterprise version.

Survey: How to Discover what Your Workforce thinks about Specific Topics.

The survey module of allows you to quickly and easily inquire with your colleagues if you want to determine a general opinion or sentiment within your company. This can be used for simple surveys on topics like lunch preferences to capturing needs and forming opinions during a complete company overhaul. Through multi-stage, conditional queries - meaning questions dependent on previous answers - employees can easily express their opinions in a web poll.

With a sophisticated evaluation system that also includes graphical representation of survey results, both the survey creators and, if necessary, the respondents receive a clear and quick outcome of the survey. Infographics enhance the view of the survey results. While the survey module is already available in the Odoo Enterprise version, it has been significantly expanded and improved in For example, it is now possible to reuse parts of a survey by duplicating them, saving a lot of time. Overall, thanks to, it becomes a comprehensive solution.

Employee Payroll: when Social Security, Health Insurance, and Income Taxes in Germany Claim their Share.

A particular aspect is the  employee payroll  including wages, salaries, and compensation for freelance contributors in your company. With the complete financial accounting features in, the accurate recording of gross wages, as well as income tax and social security contributions, is possible, similar to Odoo Enterprise. However, this process does require some effort because it needs to be done individually for each colleague, taking into account different contribution rates and exceptions based on their respective employment relationships.

In cases of changes in the employee's status, such as those resulting from their religion and the associated church tax, or changes related to their marital status that affect taxes and social contributions, assists by displaying the current status of each employee. The ITIS AG is planning to further improve and clearly present these processes according to a posting principle, making these changes more transparent.

In payroll processing, additional factors such as allowances and deductions, for example, the provision of fringe benefits, fuel vouchers, savings plans, and other factors, are relevant. These transactions can be easily managed within, and the payment of taxes and contributions can be processed smoothly through bank transfers.

For the HR department, using payroll accounting, processing freelancer timesheets, and handling commission calculations for sales colleagues provide integrated transparency. With this data, the company's costs can be related to the revenue contributed by each individual colleague, provided that revenue values are directly ascertainable. This allows for comprehensive cost accounting, which provides valuable data for services and products. Thus, it becomes easier to manage the company as a whole and prepare for new challenges.

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Reporting: to Keep an Overview and Be Able to Delve Into the Details.

 Another element of corporate governance is certainly reporting, which is also a crucial component in the realm of personnel management. With, you have access to all essential HR metrics instantly and up-to-date. This includes evaluations of attendance and absence, vacation lists, as well as the qualification of employees in the management dashboard, vacation lists, and wage and salary bookings as payroll journals. You can also generate pay slips for employees and monthly payroll lists. Additionally, it's possible to calculate the total expenses for personnel, training, and other ancillary labor costs, as well as manage company vehicles or company bicycles in this manner.

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